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  1. A person looks down while standing at a lectern with a mic.

    U.S. President Joe Biden ended his re-election campaign and threw his support behind Vice-President Kamala Harris on Sunday after fellow Democrats lost faith in his mental acuity and ability to beat Donald Trump.

  2. Two soldiers in a tank point their weapons.

    Bangladesh's top court on Sunday scaled back a controversial quota system for government job applicants, a partial victory for student protesters after days of nationwide unrest and deadly clashes between police and demonstrators that have killed scores of people.

  3. A man stumbles and is assisted by security personnel while bleeding from his ear on stage.

    The Secret Service now acknowledges it denied some requests by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign for increased security at his events in the years before the assassination attempt on him at a recent rally.

  4. A man in a blue suit and a bandage on his right ear, raises his right hand in a fist.

    Polls suggest former president Donald Trump is in a strong position to win back the presidency this November — a development that could have wide-ranging implications for Canada given just how tumultuous the first term was for this country.

  5. A lion sits on a branch in a tree.

    Jacob the lion has survived poachers and a death-defying swim across crocodile-infested waters in Uganda, offering another example for conservationists of the need they see for more efforts to protect lions.